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Hiring and rental of housing for the private and business market

Labour Housing

We specialize in hiring and rental of properties for both the private and business market. You can think of expats, labor migrants, seasonal workers, etc.

Because of the experiences we have gained in renting out our own real estate, we see the points that are important to you like no other.

We can serve you completely. Think for example:

  • arranging all utilities
  • furniture
  • kitchen appliances
  • internet
  • etc.

We are also the first point of contact for any problems, where the interests of the tenant and lessor are of the utmost importance.

We are extremely flexible and use very short lines so that we can assist you directly.

In an informal conversation we can inform you about the possibilities.

How can we help you?

I want to rent out

If you own accommodation that you would like to rent out.

I want to hire

If you are searching for accommodation for employees of your company.


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+31 (0)6 315 535 55

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